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  • The Northern Lights

You may catch a glimpse of the northern lights

Prepare to be spellbound with the Northern Lights

Lighting up the Arctic sky in glowing bands of green, pink and violet, the Northern Lights can flicker away within seconds or glow for hours – but once you’ve seen them, they’re hard to forget!

Our special cruises visit at the peak time of year, and we will take you out across the tundra, far away from any light pollution, for the best chance to see them dancing in the sky. We’ll even provide you with an Arctic jacket so that you can fully enjoy the spectacle.

We have made sure to include overnight stays in Tromsø and Alta so you get the best chances of sighting the Northern lights.

During your overnight mooring in Alta an expert guide will help you plan an included trip across the wild tundra to find the perfect setting for a campfire and an evening spent searching the skies for the amazing aurora borealis!

You’ll also have the chance to experience camping Norwegian style on an exciting new optional excursion to the Holmen Husky Lodge. Enjoy a fun husky-sled ride from a working husky farm and spend the night ensconced in the comfort of your own private lavvo – an insulated luxury Sami tent complete with double bed, electricity and a wood-burning stove. A floor-to-roof plastic window occupies around a third of the tent's exterior, allowing you to watch the solar system in bed!

Sail across the arctic circle

An enchanting trip across Norway

Sail across the magical Arctic Circle and experience all the spectacular beauty of the Norwegian fjords, their rugged landscape and the enchanting Northern Lights. Stopping off to enjoy the warmth of the local hospitality in individual unique towns.